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    RSVI has a team of dedicated associates working for the all-round development of the blind. "EDUCATION FOR ALL" is our prime objective. We therefore strive hard to provide printed material into Audio and Braille formats. Books thus prepared are circulated to the needy students across the country. We also have a battery of dedicated students who are sent with the blind “to write for them” in their examinations. Our mission is to train the visually challenged in such a manner that they become independent and start contributing to the development of their country. We teach them how to work on a computer or how to take dictation in shorthand and how to prepare letters and documents using type machines and computer. We coach them so that they may appear in competitive exams such as Banking, Civil services, NET, BTC, B. Ed. and so on. RSVI is a store house of assistive devices (Aids & Appliances) for the blind. RSVI provides Legal Aid to the needy blind through UP AICB Advocacy Cell. We also issue Concession Certificate for Railways to the completely blind persons.

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    1. The production center for reading material in accessible formats such as Braille Books, Audio Books and E-Texts.
    2. Developing Training Programmes and modules for the visually impaired and their teachers.
    3. Framing and implementation of policies for the welfare of the visually impaired.
    4. Organizing training programmes, workshops, seminars and awarness camps with a view to sharing of experiences in technologies, accomplishments and skills of visually impaired and making efforts to evolve a vision, and an attitude that makes a better world for the visually challenged to live in.
    5. Ensuring implementation of persons with disabilities act of 1995 through various notifications by state and central government and suggesting of amendments there in.
    6. Knocking the doors of judiciary for interpretation and implementation of state and central government policies and provisions in the various Laws.
    7. Taking the benefits of community based rehabilitation projects and integrated education programs for the rural blind.