• Aids & Appliances!

    RSVI is store house of assistive devices (Aids & Appliances) for the blind and Low Vision. We have Extension Counter of NIVH, Dehradun (National Institute for the Visually Handicapped, Dehradun) for the sale of Aids & Appliances in Uttar Pradesh. We also try to procure Aids & Appliances available at other manufacturing units in India and abroad.

  • List of Aids & Appliances !






    1.   Wooden Eraser  Wooden Eraser  Educational"""
    2.   Titne Braille Watch  Titne Braille Watch  Assistive
    3.   Taylor Frame wooden  Taylor Frame wooden  Educational/Mathematics
    4.   Taylor Frame Plastic  Taylor Frame Plastic  Educational/Mathematics
    5.   Talking Weighing Machine  Talking Weighing Machine  Assistive
    6.   Talking Watch  Talking Watch  Assistive
    7.   Talking Table Clock  Talking Table Clock  Assistive
    8.   Talking Calculator  Talking Calculator  Assistive
    9.   Stylus  Stylus  Educational Item/Writing
    10.   Signature Guide  Signature Guide  Signature
    11.   Refreshable Braille Display  Refreshable Braille Display  Assistive
    12.   PTR2 Daisy Player  PTR2 Daisy Player  Assistive
    13.   Pocket Frame  Pocket Frame  Educational/Writing
    14.   Plextalk Pocket PTP1  Plextalk Pocket PTP1  Assistive
    15.   Peg Board  Peg Board  Game
    16.   Long Cane  Long Cane  Mobility
    17.   Letter Cube  Letter Cube  Educational/Game
    18.   Geometry Box  Geometry Box  Educational/Mathematics
    19.   Geometry Board  Geometry Board  Educational/Mathametics
    20.   Folding Stick  Folding Stick  Mobility
    21.   Folding Chess Board  Folding Chess Board  Game
    22.   English Braille Reading Board  English Braille Reading Board  Educational/Reading
    23.   Drought Board  Drought Board  Game
    24.   Draft/Drawing  Board  Draft/Drawing Board  Educational/Mathematics/Game
    25.   Cricket Sound Ball  Cricket Sound Ball  Game
    26.   Chess Board  Chess Board  Game
    27.   CD Player  CD Player  Assistive
    28.   Brailler  Brailler  Educational/Typing
    29.   Braille Slate Wooden  Braille Slate Wooden  Educational Item/Writing
    30.   Braille Slate Plastic  Braille Slate Plastic  Educational Item/Writing
    31.   Braille Reading Box  Braille Reading Box  Educational/Reading
    32.   Braille Playing Cards  Braille Playing Cards  Game
    33.   Braille Papers  Braille Papers  Educational/Writing
    34.   Braille Measuring Tape  Braille Measuring Tape  Assistive
    35.   Braille Book  Braille Book  Educational/Reading
    36.   Abacus  Abacus  Educational/Mathematics