• How can you Help Us!

    The Rehabilitation Society of the Visually Impaired (RSVI) Lucknow is an organization that exists because of your support. We work as your representatives. RSVI, Provides all its services free of cost. This is made possible through your well-wishes and the resulting financial assistance. Consider the following options, you may contribute in two ways :

  • Become a Volunteer !

    • If your voice is good for recording, give your voice for talking books recorded at RSVI Daisy studio.
    • Editing of recorded books with the help of specific softwares.
    • Editing of scanned soft copies of English Text and Typing and Editing of Hindi Text.
    • Become writers for students appearing in examinations in the main-stream schools.
    • Raise funds for the functioning of Organisation.
    • Create awareness about the achievements and accomplishment of the blind.

    Make Financial Contributions !

    • Financial assistance to prepare Audio and Braille Books. It is important to mention here that preparation of Audio and Braille Book is a complex process.

    Payment should be made in favour of "Rehabilitation Society of the Visually Impaired" by cheque /cash/Draft, payable at Lucknow.