Rehabilitation society of the visually impaired has taken upon itself the herculean task of making a better and brighter place for the visually impaired to live.


1. Production center of reading materials in accessible formats, such as Braille Books, audio Books and E-texts in digital format. Circulation of recorded and Braille text books, competition books, Hindi and English classics and magazines through its recorded and Braille books library & Production Unit.

2. Distribution of Educational, Recreational, Sports and Other Aids & Appliances for the visually impaired.

3. Legal services to the visually impaired.

4. Teachers training (DEd.SEVI) to prepare teachers for the visually impaired children.

5.  Computer training, typing, short hand, &training in Braille Script.

6. Coaching and Training to the visually impaired for competitive exams and runs personality development programs.

7. Organizing workshops, seminars and awareness programmes with a view to sharing of experiences technologies, achievements and skills of visually impaired and evolving a better world, vision and attitude in the society

8.  Vocational Training to the Blind and persons with other disabilities for their economic rehabilitation through a project 'Sankalp-Mai'. It includes training in Daily Living Skills, Orientation and Mobility and Yoga.